Our Story

AJAZZ brand has always taken creating the leading brand of China’s peripheral equipment Strategic objectives,actively promote the diversification and globalization of the cause Exhibition. Science and technology are used for our dialogue with the world Language. Young and with attitude is the brand tone of AJAZZ, “Youth consumption scenario” brings more comprehensive and updated brand Sharp and more fashionable“youth lifestyle”.

Our Mission

On August 28, 2009, the AJAZZ peripheral brand was officially established. With the mission of “creating the ultimate peripherals and sharing a better life”, by building a “systematic company value chain”, we are committed to creating high-performance, high-quality keyboards, mice, earphones, and other peripheral accessories for gamers around the world.

Branch Brands

The AJAZZ brand has established a subsidiary brand “NACODEX“. As a branch of NACODEX, Ajazz has been committed to integrating aesthetics and games.

In 2019, we cooperated with Douyu Network Company, the first bullet-screen live sharing website in China, and established the “DOUYU” brand, and jointly launched more than 50 keyboards and mice, which are deeply loved by young players in the game industry; such as DKS100, DKS150, DKW500 Douyu theme, etc.;

In 2020, based on professional PC peripheral manufacturing experience and a global strategic perspective, the “Firstblood” brand will be redefined as a trendy brand for gamers covering domestic and foreign countries with a high degree of internationality, pursuing the pursuit of creating high-quality gaming competitions with excellent materials Peripheral products, let each player experience high-end experience through details. Such as B16, F15, B67, B81 acrylic theme, etc..

Our Goal

To explore more possibilities, we have developed keyboards in different layouts including full size, TKL, and various compact sizes, along with gaming mouses, TW, and gamepads. ur goal is to amplify innovative voices and to benefit more and more users by creative achievements.

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