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129 keys PBT Double Shot Keycaps Set with JSA Profile

  • Peace & Kitty Color Scheme Keycaps
  • 129 Keys PBT Keycaps Set
  • JSA Profile Double Shot PBT Keycaps
  • Compatible with Cherry/Gateron/Otemu/Kailh Switch
  • Compatible with 61/64/68/78/84/96/104/108 Layout
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“First Love” Theme Keycap Set

Double shot keycap set is composed of pink and white, which gives people feeling of “first love”. The heartbeat of love at first sight is the unique you in the crowd. Long-term companionship is the confession of your longest love, and the first love keycap keeps the pure good time for the other half of your good life!

“Peace” Theme Keycap Set

Double shot keycap set is composed of gray and pink, which means the pursuit of “peace”. Maybe it is crazy, but still have the ideal of changing the world and look forward to world peace, but have to fight against life. After walking for a long time, the reason for setting out has never been forgotten; the “Peace” keycap adds hope to your life.

JSA Spherical PBT Keycap

JSA spherical keycaps have unique feel, compared with the original height of OEM and CHERRY, the height of JSA spherical keycaps is higher; The surface of the keycap adopts spherical concave, which fits the fingertip better than the curved surface of the traditional keycap, giving the finger larger contact area and comfort.

129 Keys Keyboard Keycaps

129-key PBT double shot keycaps compatible with most standard Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, Content, Akko or Otemu switches, It is suitable for mechanical keyboards with different layouts that are popular on the market, such as 61 key (60%), 68 keys (65%), 84 key (75%), 87 key (tkl), full size 104/108 key (100%) mechanical keyboard.

Durable PBT Keycaps

129 keys custom keycaps are made of special double-shot molding process and thickened 1.5mm PBT, with excellent readability of large characters and matte touch, closed characters are more beautiful, long-term use never have to worry about oil, wear and fading, high durability, long-term typists and gamers are very friendly.

Comfortable JSA Spherical Profile

Cute keycap is the height of the JSA Spherical keycap exclusively developed by AJAZZ, which retains the aesthetics of the SA Spherical keycap. In pursuit of greater comfort for long-time typing, the layout of R6~R8 adopts a new ergonomic arc height, and the number keypad adopts highly consistent design to ensure the consistency of the full size keyboard when typing.





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Peace Keycap Set, Pink Keycap Set

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