AJAZZ AK832 Keyboard



75% Low Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    • Fashionable Double Shooting ABS Keycap
    • Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4GHz, and USB Type-C Connectivity
    • Programmable White/RGB Lighting Effect (Including music rhythm)
    • Compact 75% Layout, Compatible with MAC and WIN


High-quality high-profile low shafts available in three options

This keyboard has three low-profile switches to choose from: red switch, brown switch, and blue switch. Among them, the operating force of the red switch and the brown switch are the same, and the operating force of the blue switch is 13gf heavier than the other two. Compared with the Cherry MX Switch, the initial pressure of the Outemu Switch is relatively lighter and the rebound force is relatively small. The red switch is more suitable for gaming and fast and relaxing typing. The blue switch feels the most comfortable and has a strong sense of paragraphing. The brown switch is between the two switches and has a softer sound than the blue switch.

Soft Elastic Gasket Structure Mount Hotswap Keyboard

The 83-key custom keyboard adopts a gasket structure, which is currently a popular structure with fewer screws. It can eliminate most of the cavity sounds, reduce the noise caused by hard collisions, and make the sound cleaner and crisper.

Customizable LCD Color Screen and Buttons

There is a wear-resistant LCD color screen on the upper right side of the AK832PRO keyboard, which can display the time, connection mode, and battery level. You can also download the corresponding driver software from the manual to upload customized GIF animations, which is very smart and convenient. In addition, all keys can be driven to adjust the lighting effects. The PRO version is RGB lighting, which brings dazzling and charming lighting effects. 20 preset lighting effects and comes with a driver that lets you draw on the keyboard. Remap and programming keys is also easily with the accessible driver.

2500MAH Lithium Battery

Large-capacity battery, long-lasting companionship, supports charging and use at the same time. The 75% layout, 700g weight and low-profile design make it easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit it in even on a business trip. The AK832 White Light Version can be used continuously for about 140 hours in wireless mode and with the lights turned off. You don’t have to worry about using it even if you go on a 5-day business trip without a charger.

Bluetooth, 2.4G and Type-C Wired Connectivity

The AK832 Low Profile Keyboard provides multiple connection modes, including wireless 2.4G mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and USB wired mode. In the Bluetooth state, up to 3 devices can be seamlessly connected between computers, laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones at the same time, and can be easily switched. Type-C wired mode is more suitable for use in games, and there is no delay in connection. It is an excellent computer typing keyboard for home, office, outdoor and gaming.

ABS Injection Keycaps

The keycaps are made of top-grade ABS material and double-shot injection process, with classic three-color matching, which is simple and versatile without losing wear-resistant quality. Not easy to slip, durable in staining and not easy to fade colors after long-term use.

Friendly Design Details

The 3-mode switch design above the keyboard allows you to quickly switch to any mode at will. There is also a Type-C interface and dual-system switch design. There is no need to worry about losing the 2.4G receiver on the far left. Adjustable kickstands provide a comfortable angle for you to type/play for long periods of time. It is the best choice of your typist, programmer and gamer.

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 41 × 15 × 5.5 cm

Outemu Red Switch, Outemu Brown Switch, Outemu Blue Switch


Blue White (White Light), Blue Black (White Light), Blue Red (RGB)

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